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Arrowhead Dental Laboratory’s Continuing Education Resources for Dentists

If you’re new to the dental field and want to start your career off on the right foot or if you’re a seasoned dental professional looking for ways to improve your practice and stay on top of industry trends and technology, Arrowhead Dental Laboratory’s extensive collection of educational resources may be just what you need.

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Calling All Leaders: You Must Communicate

By Tawana Coleman If you are the dentist or the office administrator, it’s imperative you communicate effectively with your team. You must be clear, concise, and compelling. Several years ago I called home to ask my youngest son to take the clothes from the washer and put them into the dryer. When I arrived home

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When Two’s a Crowd

By Jon Julian, D.D.S.   Dentists need to be creative in their treatment planning in order to arrive at successful outcomes. When a restoring doctor is faced with a missing lower incisor or incisors, the spacing is often problematic. Consider that the average lower incisor is approximately 5 mm in mesiodistal width. When you want

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Know Thy Practice

By Matthew Cook, M.S., C.I.S.S.P.   In the vestibule of the Oracle of Delphi was inscribed the imperative, “Know Thyself.” This ancient inscription can have a surprising impact on managing a profitable and fulfilling dental practice. How can you come to know your practice? The answer is to know your processes. First, understand the processes

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A Comprehensive, All-Ceramic System for Strength and Aesthetics

By George Tysowsky, D.D.S., M.P.H IPS e.max finally solves the problem of varying strengths and aesthetics among restorations. Patients who require multiple restorations to correct various problems are often a challenge for dental professionals. Whether aesthetic or functional, such cases ultimately require the dentist and the laboratory to create a balance of both strength and

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3, 2, 1, Contact – Dental Restoration

By Joey Shaw Three tips will ensure dentists and technicians will get the perfect contact the first time. Contacts have always been one of my key areas of interest during my 26 years as a technician. In part, this is due to my strong desire to reduce the number of adjustments the dentist must make

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Achieve Success with Dental Implants

By Jon Julian, D.D.S. Success with implants is enhanced by the dentist’s experience, along with his confidence in himself and his chosen implant system. Over the years, I have placed many dental implants in patients using several different systems. This experience has sharpened my judgment about the best way to achieve success with all kinds

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Confident Dental Treatment Comes from a Correct Diagnosis

By Phillip Durden, D. M. D. Knowing that broken-down teeth may be just a symptom of a deeper deteriorating dental condition helps you and your patients be confident in your treatment.  In 1997, Mr. Gavigan, a 53-year-old man that looked like he was having a bad day, came into my office. As it turned out,

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Fertilize Your Dental Practice

By Dick Barnes, D.D.S. We must remember that we haven’t failed unless we fail to correct the problem. All great practices are run by remarkably ordinary people. It’s extraordinary how much ordinary people can accomplish if they are motivated to exercise their full capabilities. When dentists realize that their auxiliaries know more about their jobs

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The Relationship with the Dental Patient is Everything

By Tawana Coleman Retain your first visit patients by building a relationship they won’t want to break.  Many dentists I encounter are like kids in a candy store when it comes to the excitement they feel about treating new patients. Each new patient is an opportunity for them to beautify and repair another smile. During

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