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Implant Dentistry Made Easy

Your patients expect your practice to provide comprehensive care – including implants. Thanks to Arrowhead, that doesn’t have to be a complicated or intimidating prospect. With EZGuide, our dental implant laboratory will work with you to build a simple, accurate, and customized guided surgical stent for each patient that facilitates predictable placement every time.

Arrowhead also sponsors Over the Shoulder: ImplantEZ, a live training course designed to help you quickly master basic implant placement, delivery systems, and care. This unique combination of a physical implant guide and detailed live training gives you an easy, reliable way to expand your services, improve patient satisfaction, and increase your production.

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Getting Started is EZ

What we need from you to make an EZ Guide

  • CBCT or cone beam scan of full upper and lower arch (see CBCT general guidelines insert)
  • DICOM files on disk, uploaded to our FTP server, or sent via Dropbox (see DICOM upload instruction insert)
  • Models of upper and lower arches (impressions, stone models, or STL model files)
  • The name of implant system being used for the case and desired size of implant specified on RX
  • A signed copy of the EZGuide Hold Harmless Agreement (if this is your first case)


What you need in your office

  • he implant system’s guided surgery kit with twist drills that have a stopper and a drill key set from the implant company (drill sleeves can be provided upon request))


What you will get from Arrowhead

  • An EZGuide surgical stent
  • Details sheet showing the placement of the implant(s) in the bone
  • Guide sleeves placed in the EZGuide and ready for immediate use
  • Drill sleeves


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Experience How Easy Implants Can Be

Arrowhead makes it easy for a G.P. to start offering implants. Combine the EZGuide and Arrowhead’s dedicated technical support to create a profitable revenue stream for your practice. Let us show you how to get started.