Implant Complete

Arrowhead's Implant Complete Crown

Your All Inclusive Implant Solution

The Arrowhead Implant Complete Crown is a flat-fee restorative solution which takes the guess work out of pricing implant cases. For one fee you get a Traditional Arrowhead crown made using your choice of PFM Noble Plus, e.max™ Press, or Zir-MAX, a custom milled titanium abutment (from a 510k cleared manufacturer), a soft tissue model, a lab analog, and a seating jig.

The Arrowhead Implant Difference

We know that doing implants, especially if you are new to dental implants, can be intimidating. That is why when you do implant cases with Arrowhead you work with a dedicated implant specialist who is assigned to your practice. Our implant specialists have experience in virtually all implant systems. Because they do thousands of cases a year they have the insight and experience to help get the optimal outcome on all of your cases – no matter how challenging. They are here to help you on every aspect of your case. When you work with us you are only a telephone call away from your personal implant expert. Experience the difference for yourself today.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Implant Cases

The implant complete crown makes it easy for a G.P. price a case. Let us show you how to get started today.