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Elite Dental Restoration Emax Crowns

Experience the Product

Give the best to your patients. Elite restorations are more vibrant and lifelike than before. Our dental cosmetic crowns and restorations are handcrafted by the highest level of technicians, using state-of-the-art technology and specifically tailored to fit and match each patient’s smile. So beautiful and natural, your patients will want to tell everyone about their dentist. There is prestige in being an Elite doctor.

The Process

Our Elite ceramists carefully apply an unprecedented number of porcelain to each tooth, creating a subtle, translucent quality that allows light to reflect as it would off a natural tooth. The results are so lifelike it’s nearly impossible to tell they’re crowns.

To ensure a perfect fit Arrowhead highly recommends a White Wax up with each Elite emax crown. The White Wax Up allows us to custom fit your patient from start to finish. It makes large case dentistry predictable, resulting in less patient chair time. Now that’s worth it!

The Professional Support

We assign a dedicated technical support representative to each dentist. By giving each case red carpet attention, we help you to better serve your patients and grow your practice. Our support is personal, professional and committed to your success.

The Prestige

Enhance your Elite experience with dental continuing education and training. Did you know only 30% of dentists are comfortable doing full arch dentistry? Arrowhead offers a Full Arch Reconstruction Course, which allows you to make full arch dentistry a prominent part of your practice.  You could generate more revenue in four hours (one case) than most dental practices generate in three days! We also provide a clinical hands-on course that focuses on prepping and bonding. Stand out from the other dentists: become an Elite doctor and differentiate your practice. For more information on our seminars click here.

The Promise

The promise of the Elite experience is simple—you will become a doctor who delivers life-changing dentistry for your patients. The Elite experience builds better doctors and creates happier patients.

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Elite Cosmetic Crown Restorations

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