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Patient Communication in Uncertain Times

In times of stress and uncertainty it’s good to have a reassuring voice reminding you about those things you can control. What FDR was to those who lived through World War II we hope Hernan will be to Dental Practices living through the Coronavirus pandemic. In the first of what we hope to be many

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Socket Preservation After Tooth Extraction Using Bone Grafting

While there is a replacement for baby, or primary teeth, once a permanent tooth is lost, it’s gone forever. For this reason, dentists do all they can to treat a patient’s oral health condition without extracting teeth. However, tooth extraction isn’t always avoidable. In fact, cases such as those involving wisdom teeth and abscessed teeth

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What Can Our Dental Lab Services Do For You?

Chances are, you went into dentistry because you want to help people maintain and better their natural smile. A beautiful smile is a healthy smile. You desire to give your patients the best treatment possible to enable them to achieve their oral health goals. Part of this personalized, great treatment is the use of the

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Guided Implant Surgery: A Solution to Traditional Implant Surgery

What is Dental Implant Surgery Dental implant surgery is a procedure that replaces a missing or heavily diseased tooth. The procedure replaces the tooth and its roots with a stable, metal post, called an implant, that is then topped with a toothlike crown. The procedure is time-consuming and sometimes invasive. The patient’s tooth is surgically

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How to Get the Best Smile Possible

Are you happy with your smile? Is it as bright, straight, and strong as you’ve always wished it would be? If you’re honest, there is likely at least one thing in your smile that you don’t like and which takes way from what it could be. It is very rare for someone to have a

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Are You a Candidate For Dental Implants?

Dental implants have come to be instrumental components of a variety of dental treatments, ranging from replacing single teeth to bridges to dentures. Whether a patient is missing a single tooth, a few teeth or a whole mouth of teeth, implants have become an invaluable smile restoration and life-enhancing dental treatment option. As great as

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Ways to Update Your Dental Office in 2018

2018 is already almost here! Now is the time to look back on 2017, and make adjustments to finish the year strong and ensure a great start for 2018. What are some ways you can update and improve your dental office to make it better than ever in 2018? Here are some suggestions: Coordinate Your

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Choosing the Right Implant System

Dental implants are a great investment for any dental practice. Implants have greater than a 90% success rate and can greatly improve the quality of life for your patients. These two characteristics of dental implants make them popular amongst dental patients who are increasingly asking for them. It would be a mistake for a dental

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Dental Practice Scheduling Tips with Tawana Coleman

Does your dental practice have trouble effectively scheduling patients in a way that maximizes your profits and efficiency? Scheduling is one of the parts of running a dental practice that is often thought about very little in terms of strategy and careful planning. However, running an efficient schedule is one of the best things you

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Metal vs Valplast Partial Dentures

When you’re told you’re going to be getting dentures, it could elicit feelings of both excitement and anxiety. With dentures, you’ll regain that confident, beautiful smile and will be able to enjoy some of your favorite foods again. Getting dentures can also be scary with the change they’ll bring to your everyday life and routine.

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