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Total Team Training Doubled Our Practice

By Christian Yaste, D.D.S. and Joe Hufanda, D.D.S. We were introduced to Arrowhead Dental Laboratory. Our subsequent partnership—and total team training from Arrowhead—have made all the difference. A doctor in Arkansas who had trained with Dr. Barnes at Arrowhead and was part of our group practice was doing a lot of what we would call

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48 Hours

It’s been a long and productive appointment—a grueling, five hour maxillary arch rehabilitation—to create a beautiful smile and superior functional posterior teeth. You’re getting hungry and your eyes are tired. You feel stress in your neck, a burn in your shoulder blades, and an incredible desire to visit the bathroom. The patient is tired, hypoglycemic,

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Communicating Value: How to Get More Out of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Andersen* had a problem. When he held up a mirror and asked his patients, “What do you think?” he only heard, “They’re okay.” Dr. Andersen told me, “When the patient says, ‘They’re okay,’ we know they’re anything but.” Although he knew higher quality treatments were possible, Dr. Andersen was concerned that the fees for

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Elite Waiting Room DVD

As a follow up to our last post we wanted to share with you a DVD that we have produced with the dental waiting room in mind. This DVD is intended to showcase what is possible with full arch dentistry. I know a lot of dentists think that patients can’t or won’t want to have

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The Importance of in Office Patient Engagement

I am always amazed at the lack of patient engagement in dental waiting rooms. It is perhaps one of the few businesses that I go into as a consumer of services where I am not being shown the latest and greatest products and services. Too often the only form of engagement is a television showing

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Customer Service in the Dental Practice

Positive customer service: the waiter at a restaurant you frequent greets you with a smile, remembers your favorites, and serves you wonderfully every time. Negative customer service: Your flight was delayed; you finally arrive at your destination but discover that your luggage did not. When you report your missing bags to the airline representative, she

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Restoring the Post-Periodontal Surgical Patient

The anterior “aesthetic zone” can have numerous challenging and fascinating dilemmas. Expectations from the patient, doctor, and laboratory technician need to be identified so that the parameters surrounding the final outcome of a beautiful natural smile are achieved. One of the hardest aesthetic challenges that will test the patient, doctor, and lab technician is restoring

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