Dental White Wax-Up

Diagnostic White Dental Wax-Up

Make Large Cases Predictable

Large cases can mean increased patient satisfaction and increased production. But it’s not always easy convincing patients to make that extra investment. Arrowhead Dental White Wax-Ups can help – by providing a stunning 3D model you can use to show patients exactly what their new smile will look like.

White Wax-Ups also include a Temporary Matrix that allows you to create beautiful chairside temps in 15 minutes, as well as a Clear Reduction Guide that makes it easy to ensure proper reduction.

Diagnostic White Wax-Up

White Wax Up Diagnostic ModelThe diagnostic white wax-up shows what the final case will look like. Allowing the patient to see and touch their new smile helps them see past the price tag to the value of the treatment. Doctors who use White Wax-Ups in their case presentations get better case acceptance.

Temporary Matrix

Temporary MatrixThe temporary matrix allows you to create beautiful chairside temporaries in just a few minutes. Your patient shouldn’t have to suffer with ill-fitting or ugly temps. Enhance the patient experience by being able to beautifully temporize your patients.

Clear Reduction Guide

Reduction GuideThe clear reduction guide takes the guess work out of prepping a case. Work quickly and confidently knowing exactly how much to reduce each prep in order to get the optimal result.

Discover the White Wax-Up Difference

When you use Arrowhead’s White Wax-Ups as part of your large case strategy you will have more effective case presentations and a more predictable case outcome. Let us show you how.