Brilliant Artistry, unsurpassed quality

Your Practice is Our Passion

At Arrowhead, we understand that our business can only succeed when your practice thrives. That’s why we’re completely committed to building the kind of trusted relationship that will help you expand your practice, elevate your care, and ultimately achieve a level of artistic dentistry that has the power to change lives.

The Arrowhead experience provides some of the most precise, artistic, an innovative cosmetic dentistry solutions in the world – all made from the finest materials and hand finished by expert ceramists. With Arrowhead, you’ll also gain access to a dedicated and highly trained technical support expert you can call any time from everything from general advice to detailed case planning. You’ll tap into an extensive educational network dedicated to helping you learn the latest cosmetic and restorative techniques, expand the reach and capabilities of your practice, and consistently deliver optimal patient outcomes. Most important, you’ll benefit from a unique philosophy that focuses on helping you grow your practice and become a better dentist.

When you put all these pieces together, it’s no wonder that Arrowhead dentists are among the most sought out and profitable practitioners in the United States – or that by working together, we can deliver the stunning outcomes your most discerning patients expect.

More than just a crown

What does it take to restore a smile? Many laboratories would have you believe that “a crown is a crown” and restorative dentistry is simply “filling the hole” with whatever commodity crown is available. A smile is as unique as the person to whom it belongs, and no mass produced “Molar Mart” crown will ever be able to provide you with the outcome you expect and the look that your patients will tell their friends about. Arrowhead does not make crowns, we rebuild smiles and we do it one patient at a time. Arrowhead has combined state of the art technology with time honored techniques to create products that are simply unsurpassed.

A product for every patient

Arrowhead is unrivaled in the depth of its product offering. Instead of offering just one class of restoration we offer three. Our Traditional crowns are the perfect blend of value and quality, providing aesthetic grade crowns at a price point every patient can afford. A step up is our Bella restoration, which offers higher levels of aesthetic quality at mid market prices. The Elite crowns are Arrowhead’s signature product and represent a level of quality that is unmatched in the industry. For those looking to simply enhance a patient’s smile we offer our Radiant Veneers, which deliver exquisite aesthetics with a minimal prep.

For those practitioners looking to take their skills to the next level, Arrowhead offers a full line of implant products that can be customized to meet virtually any requirements. Combine that with Arrowhead’s unmatched technical support and there is no reason why you can’t offer implant options to your patients.

Arrowhead also offers those services that you would expect from your local lab like; dentures, removables, night/sports guards, and bleaching trays.