What Can Our Dental Lab Services Do For You?

Chances are, you went into dentistry because you want to help people maintain and better their natural smile. A beautiful smile is a healthy smile. You desire to give your patients the best treatment possible to enable them to achieve their oral health goals. Part of this personalized, great treatment is the use of the highest quality materials, appliances and restorations available. dental assistant

Many dental offices work with off-site dental laboratories to produce crowns, bridges and implants for their patients. However, there are numerous dental labs out there to choose from, all of which promise the best-quality service and products.

Arrowhead Dental Lab has been around for more than 40 years and was created by a dentist who wanted to change the status quo and transform the dental industry by introducing a form of comprehensive dentistry, called aesthetic dentistry whereby patients weren’t automatically relegated to dentures to solve their oral health conditions.

Our dental lab is world-recognized and we work with the most discerning dentists who only want what is best for their patients. We have highly-skilled technicians and we utilize the latest technology and materials to make each of our dental restorations.

We offer a variety of services including crowns, bridges, implants, inlays and onlays, orthodontic appliances, dentures, sport guards, night guards, stents, bite blocks, composites, implant bars, temporary crowns  and wax. In addition, we offer our products in a variety of materials including  porcelain, metal, ceramic and composite.

We provide dental offices across the world popular, high-quality dental restorations, equipment and materials to help them serve their patients and treat their dental issues in a way they deserve. By partnering with Arrowhead Dental Lab, you can leave the work of the restorations to us so you can better focus on your patients.

The dental profession is continually changing thanks to the many technological advancements in the industry over the years. The industry continues to change, evolve and progress and the best dentists pursue continuing education to learn about the latest best practices and technology.

Besides providing your dental practice with the highest quality dental restorations for your patients, we also offer continuing education seminars, webinars, and a series of courses for new dentists. After you enhance your dentistry skills, we’ll help you get the word out to your community and potential patients through digital marketing.

Whether you’re new to dentistry or you’re an experienced dentist with many years of experience, Arrowhead Dental Lab has the trained and experienced technicians needed to produce great-looking, high-quality, durable dental restorations that will make your patients’ smile beautiful. We offer the great service you and your patients come to expect and we offer a variety of continuing dental education classes to make you a better dentist and provide additional care, treatment and services to your patients.

If you want to take your dental career or your dental office to the next level by providing exceptional service and treatment for your patients, contact us at Arrowhead Dental Laboratories today.