Arrowhead Dental Laboratory’s Continuing Education Resources for Dentists

If you’re new to the dental field and want to start your career off on the right foot or if you’re a seasoned dental professional looking for ways to improve your practice and stay on top of industry trends and technology, Arrowhead Dental Laboratory’s extensive collection of educational resources may be just what you need.

It can be hard for you to stand out from the competition, which is why dental continuing education is important.

.At Arrowhead Dental Laboratory, we have observed and learned what it takes for dentists to stand out from the others, which is why we provide numerous resources for new dentists and experienced professionals as well as those in between. Our resources will detail the latest dental best practices and techniques as well as the tools and information to help your practice grow.

Arrowhead Dental Laboratory offers dentists across the U.S. informative blog posts, webinars, seminars, articles, and our popular New Dentist CE Plan.

Resources for New Dentists

As a new dentist (those with less than 5 years of dental experience after dental school), it can be overwhelming thinking about how and where to start your dental career. You may have just graduated from school and are wondering where and how to land your first dental job to pay off your student loans.

At Arrowhead, we have seen many new dentists greatly increase their incomes and improve the foot traffic into their offices by consistently improving their techniques, methods, and office environment.

Here are the resources Arrowhead provides for new dentists:

New Dentist CE Plan

Our New Dentist CE Plan offers courses to make you an invaluable new addition to any dental office as well as equip you with the skills and knowledge that will keep clients coming back.

The courses featured in our New Dentist CE Plan include full arch reconstruction, implantEZ, sleep dentistry, total team training, and everyday occlusion. These courses are affordable ways to make you stand out as a dentist.


Arrowhead also offers seminars throughout the year that will further your learning. Upcoming seminars include those listed as part of the New Dentist CE Plan as well as Airway Conscious Dentistry, 2-day dentist MBA courses, and a hands-on clinical course.


Arrowhead also has many webinars available to help your dental practice succeed. The webinars include lessening appointment cancellations, diagnosing and treating TMJ disorders, full arch dentistry, dental implants, completing cosmetic dental work sales, digital dental marketing, and more.

Blog Posts

Our blog is full of various topics about dentistry ranging from patient customer service to waiting room DVDs to teambuilding to implants and everything in between. Most of our posts are written by our own dentists.

Resources for Experienced Dental Professionals

Experienced dental professionals can also take advantage of the resources and cutting-edge information Arrowhead provides. When you’ve been in a profession a long time, it can be hard to adapt to new techniques and consider alternative perceptions on the field. Dentistry is no different. If you want to continue to stand out from the competition, further grow your practice and serve your clients better, continuing education is a must.

Arrowhead Dental Laboratory was founded in 1973 by Dr. Richard Brown who challenged the status quo by using revolutionary technology in an effort to help patients keep as many of their original teeth as possible. We want to help dentists to provide the best quality service to their clients through the most relevant educational resources.