How Arrowhead Dental Laboratory Takes Dentistry to New Levels

One of the ways a patient will trust their dentist is by trusting that their products and services give them the smile they have always wanted and deserve. This comes from a dental lab with highly trained professionals, who only create quality products with the highest standards. We’re talking about beautiful, natural, and durable products that will have them bragging about their dentist to anyone who will listen.

How do you become a dental office that has this ability?

Our technicians are known to craft without compromise, ever. There are no shortcuts, no “good enough,” and no room for error in our products. We see things differently. When most companies were outsourcing work in order to save a dollar or two, we kept all of our technicians in-house. This allows us to ensure that only the best technicians, using the finest materials, were available to oversee the process from start to finish.

Our way of creating flawless crowns is seen as “old school” by some. Instead of using technology to save time, cut corners, or save a buck or two, we still have our technicians create most of our product by hand. This allows them to create the highest-quality crowns on the market.

Our crowns are incredibly lifelike. By creating a subtle translucent quality in each tooth, it allows light to reflect as it would off of a natural tooth. The effect is dazzling and the average person will not be able to tell they’re not real teeth.

We also know that there are complicated cases that require a finer touch by an experienced technician, and our extensive knowledge goes far beyond the ordinary. When the demands of full-arch or full-mouth reconstruction come along, we can advise on and meet those complicated and extensive demands. No other laboratory in the world successfully fulfills the amount of such cases or is capable of fulfilling them, which is one more reason why we are the most unique.

Professional Support

Not only do we help dentists with the ability to transform a patient’s life by restoring their confidence, returning function, and helping them discover the smile they have always wanted. We want to help each dentist grow as individuals as well. We offer continuing education as a service, not to make money, but to help each dental professional build a superior dental practice.

We care about each denTist and each patient as much as we care about our own technicians. When you call our laboratory you may get the familiar voice of Kent, Hope, or any one of our other dedicated representatives. You’ll find someone who understands your needs, because they know you, and they care.

This is what matters, and this is what we do.

Contact the Arrowhead family and see the difference that caring, talent, and quality can have on making your dental practice the best of the best. We look forward to helping you give patients the beautiful dazzling smile they have always dreamed of.