5 Ways to Stay Ahead of the Competition in the Dental Industry


In today’s dental industry, it takes more than graduating from dental school to have a successful dental practice. Dentists need to be just as business savvy as they are knowledgeable about cavities and fillings. The dental field has become competitive the last couple years as recent dental school graduates strike out on their own and be their own bosses. Whether you’re in this crop of starting a brand-new dental practice or you’re an established practice looking to stay at the forefront of people’s minds, it can be a challenging task to stay ahead of the competition. How can one establish a competitive edge? Here five ways to do just that:

1) Continuing education.

Yeah, you may have just graduated and want a break from school or you may have been out of dental school for a while and feel like you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but continuing to stay up-to-date with technology, best practices, and new procedures in the dental field is crucial in the success of your dental career. Regular learning and adding more and more services, skills and knowledge to your repertoire will also make you stick out from the competition that may be content to stay stuck in their old ways and methodologies.

2) Customer service.

It won’t matter if you offer every dental service under the sun or have the highest possible credentials if your patients don’t feel comfortable or appreciated. A lot of people have a fear of going to the dentist’s office and some simply don’t trust dentist. If you and your staff are not responsive, personable, approachable, respectful or empathetic, you’d just be reinforcing those negative dental stereotypes. Both public and private dental practices rely on patient satisfaction and referrals to keep business going. If people are treated poorly at your office and dread stepping through the front door, they will simply take their business elsewhere.

3) A solid partnership with a dental lab.

Being connected to a dental lab such as Arrowhead Dental Lab that offers continuing dental education through seminars, classes and webinars that give you the opportunity to grow your dental knowledge and skills, networking opportunities with some of the nation’s best dental professionals and access to the latest technology and dental equipment. Arrowhead Dental Lab not only educates you to offer the best services to patients but it also offers classes on customer service and techniques that produce loyal customers who are comfortable while in your dental office.

4.) Modern equipment.

The dental field has undergone numerous technological advancements that have made procedures possible and more affordable. Advances in sedation dentistry which has paralleled the improving technology has also made dental procedures faster, less invasive and less painful for patients. While some dental procedures can still involve pain and healing time for the patients, if you use the latest equipment and technology, your patients will overall be more comfortable and more quickly get back to their daily routines. This will take away a lot of dental apprehension many people feel.

5.) Business know-how.

Believe it or not, your dental practice is first and foremost a business. Looking after the finances, managing and recruiting a great staff, maintaining high customer service and effectively marketing your practice are just some of the aspects you need to learn the basics in to make your dental office successful. A well-run office will better sustain itself. Thinking strategically as a business owner will equip you to make better business decisions that your dental peers may not make which can help propel your dental practice ahead of the competition. One area, for example, that many dentists don’t focus enough time on or know much about is digital marketing.

With increased competition in the dental field, it takes more time and effort to stay ahead of the competition. It requires constant continuing education, business management and customer service. At Arrowhead Dental Lab, we provide numerous educational opportunities and state-of-the-art techniques and dental products to help make you become the best dentist in town. For more information about how we can help you propel your dental practice forward, feel free to contact us.