Why a Dental Continuing Education Plan for New Dentists is Important

Congrats on making it through dental school and getting your first job in dentistry. Starting your dental career is exciting. It can also be a time of stress. You may feel overwhelmed about putting what you learned in school into practice and by being the new kid on the block, you may lack confidence in your skills and abilities.

The dental field is a very competitive one and while you may think you’re done with school for now, you are mistaken.

To stay ahead of the competition, you have to stay abreast on the ever-changing dental technologies, trends and best practices. This means you have just begun learning about what it takes to be a good, successful dentist. Great dentists never stop learning.

Setting up your own dental practice can be challenging. People in the community will never have heard of you and your limited experience may make some would-be patients reluctant to step through your office door.

The Importance of Dental Continuing Education

Dental school isn’t for everyone. It’s only for people like you who are passionate about giving patients the best quality of life through helping them maintain their oral health.

Anyone can go to dental school and learn how to be a dentist. The challenge is how does your practice stand out from the competition.

Successful dentists don’t have flashy, modern equipment. They are effective in their advertising and their patients are treated with kindness and respect. Relationships are made with each patient and the dentist and their staff. When patients feel at ease in your office, are treated like a person instead of a number and full trusts the dentist and their staff, they become loyal, repeat patients.

The most successful dentists have happy, loyal patients that keep coming back.

Dental continuing education can help you, as a new dentist, to learn essential skills, expand your knowledge on the best dental practices and current technologies and increase your service offerings to best meet the needs of patients.

Striving to make the patient feel at ease, respected and important is the reason behind dental continuing education.

Students don’t merely take the CE courses to get another certificate to hang on their office wall. They do it to provide better service for their patients.

Arrowhead’s New Dentist Continuing Education Courses

Arrowhead Dental Laboratory is committed to helping dentists of all experience levels across the U.S. be successful and run successful practices.

We do this through online courses, seminars, conferences, and workshops.

We recently launched our New Dentist Continuing Education Plan with the goal of helping new dentists get their practices up and running.

Our New Dentist CE plan is composed of 5 courses that we recommend completing within 2 years.

These courses are:

  • Sleep Dentistry
  • Full Arch Reconstruction
  • Implant EZ
  • Total Team Training
  • Everyday Occlusion

Patients are expecting more from their dentist than in the past. Dentists are expected to provide numerous services, utilize the latest state-of-the art technology, and provide a calming and relaxing atmosphere that would help reduce their pain, discomfort and anxiety during their dental procedure.

To get a jump-start on your dental career, contact us today to learn more about our New Dentist Continuing Education Plan or to learn more about the other dental resources we offer to help your practice become and stay successful.