Advances in Dental Lab Technology

Supervisor checking dentures in lab

Most of the technological advancements in dentistry have happened in the dental lab. Digital imaging, and 3D imaging have had a profound influence on the dental industry.

The use of more durable, better looking materials have also changed the quality of the resulting product.

Here are some specific advances in dental lab technology:

  • Increased use of all-ceramic restorations
  • Use of in-office CAD systems
  • The introduction of three laser-sintering systems
  • Machines with custom-milled abutment options
  • Advancements in stent manufacturing machines
  • Electroforming equipment and machines
  • Rapid-wax machine prototype
  • Plasma filtration machines
  • Laser-welding systems

These advancements have had great, positive impacts on the efficiency of dental offices and have greatly improved the care and dental experience of patients.

The Benefits of Advancements in Dental Lab Technology

Both dentists and their patients benefit from advancements in dental laboratory technology.  Dentists can provide more efficient service to their patients as well as deliver high-quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing products. Some of the same technology in dental labs (such as the use of lasers) are also utilized by the dentists when performing in-office dental procedures. These dental lab technologies help make in-office dental procedures quicker, less painful and less invasive.

Patients benefit knowing that their needed dental products will be of high-quality and be completed in a timely manner.

CAD and other advanced imaging technology has made it possible for dental patients to now get their new crowns within the same day, instead of waiting for two weeks. Same day crowns also save patients from making additional trips to the dentist.

Besides the decreased wait time and additional follow-up visits to the dentists, patients can also enjoy better-looking teeth that look realistic. These natural-looking teeth are also more comfortable and fit more securely in the patient’s mouth.

The advancements in dental lab technology and the benefits they produce only emphasize how important and essential dental labs are in the dental field.

If you’re a dentist, it is important to have a dental lab that adopts and utilizes the latest technology. Arrowhead dental lab has a solid reputation of providing dental patients the most beautiful teeth. We are able to accomplish this through the adoption of the latest dental lab technological advances.

If you want to improve and enhance your patients’ experience in your office and give them the service they deserve, contact Arrowhead Dental Lab today.