5 Signs You Need a New Dental Lab

Does your dental practice partner with an outside dental lab? Have you experienced issues with the quality of your dental lab’s products or service? If so, maybe it’s time your dental office considers partnering with a new dental lab.

If you’re not sure whether to move on to another dental lab, here are some things to look for to make your decision clearer:

Unexplained Delay in Service

For years your dental lab has delivered quality products to your dental office in a timely fashion, sometimes earlier than expected. Their clockwork production has been something you’ve come to know you can rely and depend on.

Over the last few weeks, however, you’ve noticed they’ve misplaced or forgotten your order or they’ve suddenly gotten so busy you and your patient are left hanging for longer than expected.

At this point, they may have gotten suddenly busy and your dental office is now one of many clients. Their relationship, and therefore their commitment to your dental practice has taken a backseat in their priorities.

Whether they’ve gotten busy because more dentists have noticed their quality work, affordable prices or fast turnaround time or they went through internal changes that no longer puts customer service first, your patient is still left waiting for their crown, bridge or veneer.

For the sake of your service to your patient, it would be wise to start looking around for a replacement dental lab.

Diminished Quality

Just like the fast service, a dental lab may try and wow your dental office with unmatched turnaround time, product quality and affordable prices.

After years of working with your dental office, the dental lab may think they got you for good and may lower quality, increase their prices and take longer to supply products.

On the flip side, they may have experienced a large growth in new clients and the quality may diminish due to the effort of staying up with demand.

Maybe internal changes occurred within the dental lab where their processes changed or the equipment they use changed, whereby causing a change in the quality of the products produced.

Sudden Communication Gaps

It is important early on that you establish clear communication expectations with your dental lab. Clear, timely communication is important in insuring that your dental office will get exactly what you want from the lab in a timely manner.

Have at least one contact from the dental lab on hand and check in regularly.

If there is a sudden gap in communication or a spike in miscommunication, it can be a sign that the dental lab is going through an internal transition and the person you once trusted and who was your contact may have left. At this point, you should reestablish the communication expectations and requirements.

Overcharge for Quality

Dental labs and dental offices know that there is a correlation between price and quality. While dentists want quality and quick product turnaround at the lowest price, dental labs charge more for quicker service and better quality.

For the sake of patients, dentists are more willing to pay more.

Allowing the dental lab to charge more than what the quality is worth is a big mistake. Your dental office will end up spending precious resources that could be used in other ways.

There is a fine line to navigate. Many new dental labs offer unbeatable prices, but the quality of their products are poor.

Be sure to pay for quality, but be careful not to overpay for it though.

Fail to Use Modern Materials and Technology

The dental industry is constantly changing and progressing. Dentists must be on the cutting-edge to stand out from other dentists in the area. Patients expect more from their dentist as well.

Why should a dental lab be exempt?

To keep your obligations to your patients, you need a dental lab that utilizes the latest technology and modern materials.

If your dental lab doesn’t do this, you need to move on to another lab.

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