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Quality and ArtistryArrowhead's dedication to excellence

Arrowhead Dental Laboratory is known the world over for its unsurpassed quality and artistry. Our master technicians have taken the art of dentistry to new heights, and continue to innovate on a level unsurpassed in the industry. The over 250 employees of Arrowhead represent a body of knowledge and expertise that is unmatched in the dental industry. Customers who use Arrowhead get more than just a dental laboratory, they get a dedicated and experienced partner who will work with them to exceed their patient's expectations.

Thanks to Arrowhead I can do the cases I used to think were too complicated. I work fewer hours, make more and have the satisfaction of knowing that my patients are getting some amazing dentistry.

Dr. Britton

Discriminating dentists know that the best technicians are found only in places that seek to constantly advance the person and the product. Arrowhead’s extraordinary commitment to quality attracts the most skilled artisans in the industry. We have worked long and hard to assemble the finest practitioners of the dental arts from around the world. You and your patients will appreciate the exquisite attention to detail and unsurpassed artistry that our dental technicians instill in each and every crown we make.


Complicated and comprehensive cases require skill and knowledge far beyond the ordinary. Maintaining Arrowhead’s high standards, our technicians are capable of advising on and meeting the most demanding requirements of full-arch or full-mouth reconstruction. No other laboratory in the world is as capable or does more full mouth cases than Arrowhead.